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Join as a volunteer through! All of the projects are part of Phoenix nonprofit incubator and aim to stop inequality. Choose your action.

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What is Phoenix?

Phoenix helps you find volunteering opportunities that will melt your heart! These social innovations aim to stop inequality and, in order to grow bigger, need your support.

Select a cause you care about, choose the action you want to take and you are ready to go. As a volunteer you can, for instance, dance with elderly in a granny disco, act as an interpreter at a networking event for women or march for climate. Doing good has never been this easy! 

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We channel the power of companies and communities to change lives. Join our network of corporate social responsibility superstars. Let's Phoenix together.

How to take action with Phoenix?

There's plenty of wise talk about problems. But we are here to take action.
The Phoenix online store for fast action is your one-stop destination toward a better tomorrow. 

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