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All of the projects are part of Phoenix nonprofit incubator and aim to stop inequality. 

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Mummodisko (Granny Disco) was founded to bring a fresh breeze to the elderly care. Grannies and granpas leave walking aids behind to hit the dancefloor on discos organized by Joni and Mikko, and a bunch of wonderful volunteers. Music, movement and happy encounters work like a miracle for solitude and apathy. Over 3000 participants have already danced along in 15 different cities. 

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Startup Refugees

Startup Refugees is a voluntary network that supports refugees with employment and entrepreneurship. Startup Refugees finds out the professional skills and goals of newcomers as soon as they enter Finland and matches them with local opportunities. 

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Twig the Code

Twig the Code is a coding community encouraging women to join the tech industry as developers. The community organizes workshops, excursions and laid-back meetings to learn code. Twig the Code was founded in 2018 when its founder started coding and wanted to see if learning code with peers would make it more fun and easy. And guess what – it did!

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What is Phoenix?

Phoenix is a nonprofit incubator, whose members work towards stopping inequality. For these social innovations to fly higher, they need your support!

Select a cause close to your heart, choose your way of volunteering and join the movement! As a volunteer you can, for instance, dance with the elderly in a granny disco, act as an interpreter at a networking event for women or march for the climate. shows you exactly where our incubator members need support at the moment. Doing good has never been this easy! 

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Phoenix <3 Partners

We believe that the greatest of challenges are solved together. We work closely with companies and organizations, and are always open for new ideas and concrete collaborations. Join our network of corporate social responsibility superstars and let's find the best way for you to contribute in stopping inequality. 

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