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Giving back has never been this easy. Choose your way to participate and help important social movements forward. All members belong to Phoenix non-profit incubator and work towards equality and inclusion in our society.

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FlowerRescue makes sure no flower goes to waste before bringing joy to somebody. The community organizes workshops to upcycle floral waste into beautiful bouquets, which are then distributed to places such as elderly homes and hospitals to brighten the day. Isn't that just fantastic?

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Good Hair Day

Good Hair Day roots for positive representation, empowerment and community. Many AfroFinns may grow up without peers and alone with their experiences. GHD activities are led by the for us by us principle, which means that AfroFinns themselves define their own means of representation and are actively involved. GHD organizes events, shares information on afro hair care, and takes actively part on social debate.

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Joulupuu tackles inequality of children and youth, assuring no kid is left without a Christmas present. Joulupuu charity collections are organized yearly around Finland: everyone can donate a gift for a child who maybe otherwise wouldn’t get any. GIfts are distributed through social services to reach the families in need.


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Phoenix non-profit incubator 🥚

Phoenix is a non-profit incubator for projects and ideas that work towards stopping inequality. The most important criteria for participants: Your will to grow the idea you strongly believe in.

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Teemu Uotila, Vincit

Teemu Uotila, Vincit

Teemu and his service design and developer colleagues created and polished, a new website for seeking and finding volunteering opportunities with Phoenix incubees.

"When one gets to participate into a project building something good in the society, it brings a special kind of joy and sense of meaningfulness to everyone involved. We often talk about these kind of projects at the office long after the are completed. This is also the case with"

Jenni Turunen, Finnish teacher

Jenni Turunen, Finnish teacher

Jenni interviewed a newcomer for Startup Refugees and wrote their story of navigating with work and studies in Finland.

"The interview was an eye-opening experience. Our discussions about learning a language were beneficial for me also from a professional perspective. This project was very smooth and efficient – Startup Refugees took care of all the arrangements. The experience brought me a lot of joy, and gave me new thoughts on different life paths people have."

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We believe that the greatest of challenges are solved together. We work closely with companies and organizations, and are always open for new ideas and concrete collaborations. Join our network of corporate social responsibility superstars and let's find the best way for you to contribute in stopping inequality. 

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