Phoenix non-profit incubator

Are you an innovative non-profit movement with a big mission and fire under your feet?

We believe that even the greatest societal challenges can be solved when acting together. Every year, we select 3-5 promising non-profit movemets to join us and support their growth. 

Members selected for the incubator 

  • Are not-for-profit 
  • Bring an innovative approach to their field 
  • Stem from real needs of real people
  • Offer hands-on opportunities to participate in the action
  • Are eager to utilise crowdsourcing
  • Have the potential to grow
  • Have a devoted team behind them

All  share the same way of thinking: to build a network so they can create the biggest possible impact for the people they exist for.

In 2020, the Phoenix non-profit incubator supports the following causes

  • employment and entrepreneurship of refugees (Startup Refugees)
  • women’s equality in working life (Howtomo) 
  • seniors’ well-being & climate activism (Granny Disco, Activist Grannies) 
  • international women's integration into working life (Mothers in Business) 
  • women in tech (Twig the Code) 

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Why should I join a non-profit incubator? 

As a member of the Phoenix Association (Phoenix ry, a registered association in Finland), you gain access to a full range of services for free. We meet once a month in a workshop facilitated by team Phoenix and experts from different fields. In between the monthly meetings we keep in touch and work to take your idea forward together with external mentors.

At Phoenix non-profit incubator you are the owner of your idea and project. You decide how you proceed with it and how big you want it to grow. Participation in the program is optional and free of charge. You can terminate your membership at any time, if you wish. 

Monthly workshops are organized at Phoenix office in Helsinki, and other meetings online or face-to-face according to your wishes. Our working languages are Finnish and English.

Why did we start the Phoenix non-profit incubator?

The story of Phoenix was born out of the experience of Startup Refugees. Startup Refugees was founded in 2015, when an unprecedented number of refugees arrived in Finland. Instead of waiting and bickering, we called together a network to support newcomers with employment and entrepreneurship. Today, more than 500 members take part in the Startup Refugees network with concrete actions.

While Startup Refugees grew, we learnt that companies, communities and individuals are looking for ways to put their time and effort where it is really needed. More and more people want to make a change but they struggle with finding out what is needed and where. When we find a way to work together, even the biggest challenges can be solved quickly and cost-effectively.

When you have a good non-profit idea, things can start to happen fast. Suddenly, you need a team of people working full-time. Administration can be a nightmare. Scaling is difficult. And getting funding for a non-profit is slow and hard. We want to help these good ideas make a change.

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