Workshop facilitators and mentors in 2020

These top-notch experts have held workshops and acted as mentors for the participants of Phoenix non-profit incubator in 2020.

Next year we look for the best experts as mentors and facilitators to meet non-profit incubator teams' needs in building a more impactful future.

Supercell's Maria Facal facilitated a workshop on how to build a win-win company–non-profit partnership


Auri Evokari trained Phoenix members into the secrets of pitching in her workshop full of enthusiasm

"Phoenix teams are world-changers, whose missions deserve a proper megafon to be heard. I was happy and impressed to train the teams about pitching, and to see, how they'll be able to promote their missions with the help of a polished pitch." 

Communications consultant Ona Aula encouraged Phoenix teams to build bold visions and sharpen their messaging

”Facilitating a workshop for four motivated and determined teams full of energy even after a long day at the office was a great experience. It strengthened my belief that change is possible even in uncertain times. The teams are active and put their all in what they do, which convinced me that we will hear more from each of them soon."

Social impact expert, co-CEO of Startup Refugees Elisa Vepsäläinen gave stellar advice on funding and grant applications

"Funding must be at the very core of any non-profit organization and its strategy. The teams asked very important questions that gave new ideas and thoughts to me as well. What a great batch we have this year!"


Impact management expert Katja Anoschkinin shared tools to measure outcomes, outputs and impact


Service designer Anni Valkola challenged Phoenix non-profit incubees to think like their target group

Anni held a workshop that helped Phoenix non-profit incubees to realize how important it is to understand the thoughts and needs of different customer personas.

“It was rewarding to see that the workshop was useful for all teams, despite their different "maturity levels". The session showed how essential it is to stop and ask, what our customers really want, for whom we do this and why we do it."

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