What is Phoenix? 

Phoenix is a non-profit incubator for innovative social movements. We invite you and your friends to take action.

Every year we select projects that stop inequality in a concrete way, invite them to our community and support their growth. You can support these cutting-edge movements by selecting an action that suits you best on phoenix.fi.

As a volunteer you can, for instance, dance with elderly in a disco, become an interpreter at a career event or participate a climate strike. Donate time, expertise, money or something else – you will see what they need the most at the moment. 

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How does phoenix.fi work?

On phoenix.fi you can select a movement you care about and give back with time, expertise or something else. You can, for instance, become a photograher at a Startup Refugees event or offer an event space for a Howtomo peer-to-peer training.

  1. Select your favorite project and action with filters. You can donate time, expertise, money or something else.
  2. Sign up and we will contact you in two days. You can always change your mind after this – we like you anyway!
  3. Tell your friends about the experience. The more of us get involved with these promising movements, the more impact they create.

→ See all volunteering opportunities

What is Phoenix non-profit incubator?

Every year three new social movements are invited to join Phoenix as non-profit members. The chosen projects create concrete impact and stop inequality in the society. These projects participate our non-profit incubator program and search for collaborators and volunteers for current needs on phoenix.fi.

In 2020 the incubees are Activist Grannies, Mothers in Business and Twig the Code.

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