How does Phoenix work? 

On the Phoenix website, you can pick a cause you believe in and choose a hands-on way to help.  It only takes one click to make a change.

It is this simple: 

  1. Pick your cause.
  2. Choose to donate time, products or money. 
  3. Pick your favorite way of taking action. 
  4. Share the good stuff! Tell your colleagues, family and friends about it.

At Phoenix, we believe the world's biggest problems can be solved by taking action together.

Our promise 

FLEXIBILITY. We make it easy to make the world a better place. Whether you are donating time, products or money, we make it work for all of us involved. 

COURAGE. We all know our societies face huge challenges. We promise to take on the biggest challenges and start building solutions today, together. 

BROADEN YOUR MIND. We put you in touch with people you might not meet without us. Meeting and learning to understand new people will broaden the horizons of everyone involved.

FUN. You get to collaborate with passionate people and have fun while doing it. We make things enjoyable and meaningful for everyone we collaborate with. We put our personas in our work and you will really get to know us.

COMMITMENT. We want to build sustainable partnerships. Let's design a custom made corporate social responsibility program and match it with your company’s values and goals. 

How to take action with Phoenix?

There's plenty of wise talk about problems. But we are here to take action.
The Phoenix online store for fast action is your one-stop destination toward a better tomorrow. 

Take action