Phoenix non-profit incubator

Are you an innovative non-profit with a big mission and fire under your feet? Join us! 

In addition to an online store for action, Phoenix is an incubator for innovative non-profits. We channel the power of companies, communities, and individuals to support people who need it the most. Every year, we select promising non-profits (ideas and non-profit organisations) to join us and help them grow. 

Members selected for the incubator 

  1. Are not-for-profit 
  2. Bring an innovative approach to their field 
  3. Stem from real needs of real people
  4. Offer hands-on opportunities to participate in the action
  5. Are eager to utilise crowdsourcing
  6. Have the potential to grow
  7. Have a devoted team. 

All  share the same way of thinking: to build a network so they can create the biggest possible impact for the people they exist for. 

In 2020, the Phoenix non-profit incubator supports the following causes:

  • employment and entrepreneurship of refugees
  • women’s equality in working life
  • seniors’ well-being & activism
  • international women's integration into working life
  • women in tech 

Why should I join a non-profit incubator? 

As a member of the Phoenix Association (Phoenix ry, a registered association in Finland), you gain access to a full range of services for free.

We meet once a month, either online or face-to-face in Helsinki. In between the meetings we keep in touch and work together to take your idea forward. Our working languages are Finnish and English.

Read more about our Phoenix non-profit incubator program below. 

New round for applications to join the Phoenix non-profit incubator opens in December 2020. Follow us on , and  and you will be the first one to know. For more information, contact

Why did we start the Phoenix non-profit incubator? 

Phoenix, Finland’s first non-profit incubator, was born out of the experience of Startup Refugees. We are forever grateful to our network who came together, took action and made Startup Refugees the success story it is now. Our experience highlights how the power of companies, communities and individuals can be harnessed for concrete action.

Phoenix is our way to give back to the non-profit community. Read the full story here.

How to take action with Phoenix?

There's plenty of wise talk about problems. But we are here to take action.
The Phoenix online store for fast action is your one-stop destination toward a better tomorrow. 

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