What is Phoenix? 

Phoenix is a non-profit organisation that stops inequality with practical solutions. We channel the power of companies, communities and individuals to improve the lives of the people who need it the most. We also help other non-profits grow with the support of our network. 

How was Phoenix born? 

The story of Phoenix was born out of the experience of Startup Refugees.

Startup Refugees was founded in 2015, when an unprecedented number of refugees arrived in Finland. Instead of waiting and bickering, we called together a network to support newcomers with employment and entrepreneurship. Now there are more than 500 members in Startup Refugees. This is how Startup Refugees came to life. The results are impressive. 

This is what we learned

  1. There is a tremendous amount of untapped power within us. We know from experience that companies, communities and individuals are looking for ways to put their time and effort where it is really needed. More and more people want to make a change but they struggle with finding out what is needed and where. When we find a way to work together, even the biggest challenges can be solved quickly and cost-effectively. It is like having a huge mountain of gravel - when everyone grabs a shovel and starts working away, even the hardest jobs can be done. 
  2. When you have a good non-profit idea, it gets crazy. Things start happening fast. Suddenly, to make things roll you need a team of people working full-time. Administration is a nightmare. Scaling is difficult. And getting funding for a non-profit is slow and hard. This is why good ideas, which could make a change in this world, often just die.

We decided to take these lessons and give back.

We head-hunted the most promising social innovations and decided to help them grow by directing the power of companies, communities and individuals to support their cause. 

This is how Phoenix, the non-profit incubator, was born.

How to take action with Phoenix?

There's plenty of wise talk about problems. But we are here to take action.
The Phoenix online store for fast action is your one-stop destination toward a better tomorrow. 

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