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Are you looking for meaningful corporate social responsibility projects for your company and employees? Do you want to find a nonprofit to partner with? You are in the right place! Welcome onboard.

Partnering with Phoenix creates tangible results and lets you execute your corporate social responsibility in a meaningful way. Your company can, for instance, donate pro-bono consultation for climate activism, sponsor innovative elderly care or encourage your employees to volunteer at a CV clinic for refugees.


Or send us a message and let's come up with a plan together!

"The nicest pro bono projects are cherished in the workplace even long after a project has ended. This is what happened with Vincit's cooperation with website project as well."
Teemu, Vincit


Examples of previous projects

✅ TBWA Helsinki planned a visual identity for Phoenix and Vincit developed our website, where everyone can find volunteering opportunities in impactful nonprofits.

OP has supported organizing Mummodisko (Senior disco) events in multiple cities – their employees have also hit the dancefloor with grannies and grandpas!

✅  Telia employees teamed up with Startup Refugees to mentor refugees looking for employment. 10 happy mentor-actor duos were formed.

✅ Do you have some unique super powers to spare? We bet you do! How about encouraging your employees to donate a couple hours to pro bono projects with Activist Grannies, Mothers in Business or Twig the Code?

✅ No one at your office in the evenings? How about offering your space to Mothers in Business or Twig the Code for an evening event? There's also plenty of other resources our nonprofits appreciate. Be it sound equipment, workshop supplies or money donations – let us know how you would like to participate.

“Already during the first disco we saw how participants enjoyed it. Dancing and chatting made their eyes sparkle. We strongly felt that supporting elderly care with Mummodisko is so important and fun, we simply must continue the partnership.“
– OP on working with Mummodisko


Which topics can we support through Phoenix? 🔎 invites you to support innovative social movements by donating your time, exprertise or funds to members of Phoenix nonprofit incubator. All six projects work towards stopping inequality in Finland in one way or another. 

Projects you can partner with:

 – Employment and business opportunities for newcomers

 – Discos and events for elderly to prevent loneliness

 – Career confidence via free peer-to-peer trainings for women

 – Activist Grannies on a mission to stop climate change

 – Peer-to-peer coding courses for beginners

 – Networking and events for career mums

Let's roll up our sleeves? 📩

Interested in collaboration? Any questions? Please send us a message! Let's plan together the best way for you to make a change. Johanna and Malva from Phoenx will get back to you within two business days.

How to take action with Phoenix?

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