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New members for Phoenix nonprofit incubator 2021 announced! 

Every year we select projects that stop inequality in a concrete way, invite them to our community and support their growth.

Members 2021

FloweRescue – Assuring no flower goes to waste before bringing joy to somebody.

Good Hair Day – An AfroFinnish collective, community and event celebrating AfroFinns and afro hair.

Joulupuu – Works tirelessly to ensure that all children get a Christmas Gift this year

Nordic Ocean Watch – Nordic environmental collective working towards cleaner, healthier seas and coastal areas.

Phoenix invites you to support innovative social movements by donating your time, expertise or funds to members of Phoenix nonprofit incubator.

All members work towards stopping inequality in Finland in one way or another. By signing up you can, for example, dance with elderly in a Granny Disco, organize a networking event for Mothers in Business or march for climate with Activist Grannies.

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FlowerRescue makes sure no flower goes to waste before bringing joy to somebody. The community organizes workshops to upcycle floral waste into beautiful bouquets, which are then distributed to places such as elderly homes and hospitals to brighten the day. Isn't that just fantastic?

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Good Hair Day

Good Hair Day roots for positive representation, empowerment and community. Many AfroFinns may grow up without peers and alone with their experiences. GHD activities are led by the for us by us principle, which means that AfroFinns themselves define their own means of representation and are actively involved. GHD organizes events, shares information on afro hair care, and takes actively part on social debate.

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Joulupuu tackles inequality of children and youth, assuring no kid is left without a Christmas present. Joulupuu charity collections are organized yearly around Finland: everyone can donate a gift for a child who maybe otherwise wouldn’t get any. GIfts are distributed through social services to reach the families in need.


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Nordic Ocean Watch

Nordic Ocean Watch (NOW) promotes a sustainable coastal and marine lifestyle. NOW Finland started its operations in Helsinki in summer 2017 and has since tackled ocean pollution around Southern Finland’s coasts. By organizing beach clean-ups, movie nights and panel discussions, NOW raises awareness on the severity of marine litter and the interlinkages between climate change and ocean environments.

What’s good for the ocean is good for us. The ocean has given us a lot; it’s time to return the favor!

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Mummodisko (Granny Disco) was founded to bring a fresh breeze to the elderly care. Grannies and granpas leave walking aids behind to hit the dancefloor on discos organized by Joni and Mikko, and a bunch of wonderful volunteers. Music, movement and happy encounters work like a miracle for solitude and apathy. Over 3000 participants have already danced along in 15 different cities. 

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Startup Refugees

Startup Refugees is a voluntary network that supports refugees with employment and entrepreneurship. Startup Refugees finds out the professional skills and goals of newcomers as soon as they enter Finland and matches them with local opportunities. 

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Twig the Code

Twig the Code is a coding community encouraging women to join the tech industry as developers. The community organizes workshops, excursions and laid-back meetings to learn code. Twig the Code was founded in 2018 when its founder started coding and wanted to see if learning code with peers would make it more fun and easy. And guess what – it did!

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