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New members for Phoenix nonprofit incubator 2021 announced! 

Every year we select projects that stop inequality in a concrete way, invite them to our community and support their growth.

Members 2021

FloweRescue – Assuring no flower goes to waste before bringing joy to somebody.

Good Hair Day – An AfroFinnish collective, community and event celebrating AfroFinns and afro hair.

Joulupuu – Works tirelessly to ensure that all children get a Christmas Gift this year

Nordic Ocean Watch – Nordic environmental collective working towards cleaner, healthier seas and coastal areas.

Phoenix invites you to support innovative social movements by donating your time, expertise or funds to members of Phoenix nonprofit incubator.

All members work towards stopping inequality in Finland in one way or another. By signing up you can, for example, dance with elderly in a Granny Disco, organize a networking event for Mothers in Business or march for climate with Activist Grannies.

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Activist Grannies (Aktivistimummot) want to secure all grandchildren a healthy planet to live in. With Grannies, moarning is replaced by actions with life experience and wisdom. Grannies invite all friends, family members, familiar and unfamiliar faces to tackle climate change together for future generations: their Facebook group has more than 5000 members.

"Grannies are representatives for a large group of voters. We demand decision makers to become responsible adults all children can rely on."
- Founding Grannies


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Mothers in Business

Mothers in Business (MiB) is a nationwide network that supports career-oriented mothers in balancing work and family. Members support each other to develop skills, advance career paths, and combine working life with family life. MiB organises mingles, company visits, training sessions and mentoring – kids are always welcome to join.

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