FlowerRescue makes sure no flower goes to waste before bringing joy to somebody. The community organizes workshops to upcycle floral waste into beautiful bouquets, which are then distributed to places such as elderly homes and hospitals to brighten the day. Isn't that just fantastic?


The story of FloweRescue

FloweRescue was founded in Christmas 2018, when the community rescued thousands of flowers after the holidays. The community then organized a workshop with a local elderly home to upcycle the floral waste into beautiful bouquets. Since then, FloweRescue has rescued more than 50,000 flowers, upcycled them into bouquets and donated them to people who otherwise wouldn’t get to enjoy the beauty of flowers.

FloweRescue has a two-part mission: 
(1) To reduce the massive waste in the floral industry (according to estimates, 40% of cut flowers are thrown away before reaching a consumer) and to make people more aware of the sustainability issue.
(2) To ease the loneliness and to connect people through flowers. Over one third of elderly have reported experiencing loneliness. FloweRescue brings joy e.g. to elderly homes and hospitals by distributing the upcycled bouquets.

The association harnesses surplus flowers from wholesalers, florists and events and upcycles them into bouquets in workshops with volunteers. They also create and support flower-based community art projects.

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Facebook: @flowerescue
Instagram: @flower_rescue

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