Good Hair Day

Good Hair Day roots for positive representation, empowerment and community. Many AfroFinns may grow up without peers and alone with their experiences. GHD activities are led by the for us by us principle, which means that AfroFinns themselves define their own means of representation and are actively involved. GHD organizes events, shares information on afro hair care, and takes actively part on social debate.


The story of Good Hair Day

Good Hair Day started in 2016 as an urban event. GHD's most important goal is to empower the AfroFinnish community. The collective supports self care culture, where individual's coping mechanism are taken care of. GHD challenges the existing beauty norms and breaks down negative stereotypes of blackness both within and outside the community. The collective creates a safe space for the discussion around afro hair – on personal, societal and political level.

Nowadays in addition to the yearly GHD event, the team also visits and trains different organizations to spread knowledge. The collective brings together AfroFinns, strengthening the community and the wellbeing of its members.

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