Joulupuu tackles inequality of children and youth, assuring no kid is left without a Christmas present. Joulupuu charity collections are organized yearly around Finland: everyone can donate a gift for a child who maybe otherwise wouldn’t get any. GIfts are distributed through social services to reach the families in need.


The story of Joulupuu

Joulupuu collections have been arranged already since 2000 and coordinated by Keskuspuiston Nuorkauppakamari. In 2020, a striking amount of more than 72 000 gifts were donated all around Finland. Additionally, more than 356 000 euros were donated to Joulupuu, allowing the local teams to purchase more gifts the children had wished for. By year 2020 Joulupuu has grown to be such a substantial movement, that they decided to found an association of their own.

Joulupuu association operates in close collaboration with social services and municipalities to reach the children and families in need of support. People can donate either a specific gift based on children’s wishes, or donate money so that Joulupuu team can acquire the gifts on the donator's behalf.

This year Joulupuu wishes to unify their operations across Finland and come up with new ways of supporting children, youth and families with kids.

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