Nordic Ocean Watch

Nordic Ocean Watch (NOW) promotes a sustainable coastal and marine lifestyle. NOW Finland started its operations in Helsinki in summer 2017 and has since tackled ocean pollution around Southern Finland’s coasts. By organizing beach clean-ups, movie nights and panel discussions, NOW raises awareness on the severity of marine litter and the interlinkages between climate change and ocean environments.

What’s good for the ocean is good for us. The ocean has given us a lot; it’s time to return the favor!

The story of Nordic Ocean Watch

Nordic Ocean Watch traces its roots back to the rugged coasts of Norway where a bunch of local surfers decided to do something about all the trash ending up on their home breaks. Since 2015 NOW has expanded across Norway and into neighboring Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The collective across the Nordics is comprised of active surfers, paddlers, sailors, divers and other ocean heroes putting their limbs out for healthier ocean ecosystems. By giving a voice to the ocean, we’re able to create lasting impact and make sure the ocean and our coasts remain our healthy playgrounds. 

Since 2017, NOW Finland has cleaned beaches around Helsinki and Hanko, as well as arranged movie nights and panel discussions on marine relevant topics. An active social-media presence is also a prerequisite for advocating change; The "Ocean Hero of the Month" series, for example, highlights different individuals from different backgrounds doing their best for healthier oceans!

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