Mummodisko (Granny Disco) was founded to bring a fresh breeze to the elderly care. Grannies and granpas leave walking aids behind to hit the dancefloor on discos organized by Joni and Mikko, and a bunch of wonderful volunteers. Music, movement and happy encounters work like a miracle for solitude and apathy. Over 3000 participants have already danced along in 15 different cities. 

The story of Mummodisko

Lying alone in your bed sucks. Is this the kind of old age I wish for myself? These were the thoughts of two professionals of elderly care, Mikko Haapalainen and Joni Tammisalo, after working in senior care for a year. Many seniors seemed lonely and apathetic. They decided to try something different. What if we organised an afternoon disco with rock’n’roll, jazz and twist and invited grannies and grandpas to come and dance? 

Mummodisko (Senior Disco), an immediate success, was born. Their afternoon discos see people leaving walking aids behind to hit the dancefloor, seniors with dementia humming along to familiar tunes and senior care professionals and seniors alike immerse themselves in heartfelt discussions with each other. 

In only two years,  Mummodisko has grown into a phenomenon with over 100 discos in 15 cities and more than 3000 participants.

”Electric ladies, that's what we are! We love to dance on the discos, and we've circled the dancefloors all of our lives. It's so wonderful you're organizing discos like this so that we we older people get to party hard as well!"
- Friends participating at a Granny disco


Join the movement!

So far, every event has been organised with volunteer power, and with the help of companies such as OP.  Volunteering can include dancing with the seniors, lending an event space for a disco, or covering the costs of a live band.

Are you interested in collaboration with Mummodisko, or have an idea for a joint project? Shoot us a message to chat some more!


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