Startup Refugees

Startup Refugees is a voluntary network that supports refugees with employment and entrepreneurship. Startup Refugees finds out the professional skills and goals of newcomers as soon as they enter Finland and matches them with local opportunities. 

The story of Startup Refugees

Startup Refugees was founded in 2015 when Europe and Finland faced an unprecedented refugee crisis. The beginning of the movement was explosive: Riku Rantala and Tunna Milonoff invited everyone to participate on the integration of refugees. Startup Refugees is now active all over Finland.

The network has more than 500 companies, communities and individuals offering opportunities for newcomers. The results are impressive. In four years, Startup Refugees has profiled the skills of 3500 refugees, offered 700 jobs, 4000 educational opportunities and supported 110 businesses of newcomers. Startup Refugees is now scaling the model to new European cities with local partners.

"I wish Startup Refugees existed when I first came to Finland to look for a job. That's why I chose to volunteer and host a workshop  on working life skills for their community."
-Volunteer, Startup Refugees

Join the movement! 

In the very essence of Startup Refugees, is the network and all the volunteers. Volunteers have for instance worked as career mentors, workshop facilitators, interpreters or offering venues for events. 

Interested in joining the forces of Startup Refugees? Any ideas for a joint project? Send us a message and let's chat some more!

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