Twig the Code

Twig the Code is a coding community encouraging women to join the tech industry as developers. The community organizes workshops, excursions and laid-back meetings to learn code. Twig the Code was founded in 2018 when its founder started coding and wanted to see if learning code with peers would make it more fun and easy. And guess what – it did!


The story of Twig the Code

Twig the Code was born in 2018, when founder Susanna Kyllönen started her own journey into the world of code. As she knew that learning new things together is both more fun and more efficient, she gathered a group of women exited to learn code. 

"Learning is easier in a group: participants usually have different skills and expertise levels and can help one another. Usually one of us writes the code and the others give support alongside"
– Twigger,  Anna Koivisto 

Twig the Code is a registered association and offers its members opportunities to study code while getting to know different tech companies. The big mission of the community is to encourage women to look into a career in tech and make it easier for them to start learning code.

”At Twig the code, anyone interested in code can start learning it with the community at anytime – just like you would start any other hobby. We have groups that gather both in the evenings and during the day, and you can tag along at any point. Many of us joined Twig the code as beginners – we have no requirements on previous tech experience!” says founder Susanna Kyllönen. 

Some of the workshops are organized together with tech companies – a great way to meet different companies and get to know how they work. These companies might also become future employers for Twiggers that decide to pursue a career in tech.


Join the movement!

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Twig the Code

•   founded in 2018
•   about 60 members
•   15 workshops organized yearly 
•   currently operates in Turku and Helsinki
•   expanding to other cities in 2020
•   daytime groups meet weekly, evening groups once in two weeks


Get to know Twig the Code
Facebook: Twig the code
Instagram: twigthecode

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