What is Aktivistimummot?

"Wisdom lives in old crones.” - Ostrobothnian expression

Activist Grannies (Aktivistimummot) saw daylight in October 2019, as the founding group published a manifesto and a Facebook group. Within a couple of weeks the group gathered more than 3000 members and now has over 5300 active members, both grannies and granpas in Finland and abroad. The discussion in the group is both active and uplifting.

 ”A social movement gathering wise experienced women had been on my mind for a while. In the beginning of last year, 12 grannies sat down and decided to join forces to face the climate crisis", says Seija Kurunmäki, one of the founders behind Activist Grannies.

Right after the launch of the movement the founding group noticed that a combination of activism and granny-like attitude, such as empathy, are in high demand in the community today. Activist Grannies wish to bring a new narrative and tone of voice into the climate discussion – encouraging us all to act in any way we can. The movement emphasises reason, hope and nature as a sources of joyful life. The Grannies' motivation to act rises from the urge to protect our planet for their grand children.

Activist Grannies are a communications oriented group basing all their actions on facts and research. Consisting of experts in a variety of fields, the volunteer network has access to diverse information and operates agile. The first event in Helsinki Central Library Oodi in January 2020 attracted a full house of participants. In addition to open events, Grannies will also focus on political and corporate influencing. 

"We believe that the collaboration with Phoenix will bring us new ideas and expertise in the field. We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of Phoenix, and build our network into a resilient actor in the society together."

Get to know Activist Grannies: 

Twitter: @aktivistimummot
Facebook: Aktivistimummot

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