What is Howtomo?

What if we had a focal point for women, a forum where ideas and opportunities meet?

A space both physical and online where experts from different fields can meet, share thoughts, build career confidence and develop their ideas further? 

In 2016, six women made this dream a reality. Howtomo is a network that supports women with skills and networking at all points of their careers. It offers peer-to-peer learning opportunities and welcomes all women as trainers and trainees. Howtomo gives every woman a chance to learn, gain skills and inspiration from other women. Workshops are always free of charge.

Howtomo was founded in 2016 and is now active in nine cities in Finland. The network is run by volunteer coordinators. In three years, Howtomo has offered 170 trainings by 200 women for 3000 participants in 9 cities all over Finland. Event venues for workshops have been provided by 150 partners.


Want to participate?

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