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Phoenix gives you an opportunity to take action for a better tomorrow. Often, making a change comes down to taking small, practical steps. Steps that lead to big things. On this page, people who are part of our network share their story.

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Teemu & Vincit

Have you ever heard of an online store where you can donate good deeds and actions - instead of useless knick-knacks? How did Teemu Uotila from Vincit, one of Finland's best known IT companies, hop along for the ride and decide to build phoenix.fi together with the Phoenix non-profit incubator?

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Fabrizio & Startup Refugees

It was a quintessentially Finnish moment to arrive: a grey November day and a drizzle of rain. My girlfriend had just landed a job in Helsinki and we had decided to move from Italy and try this adventure together.

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Joni & Mummodisko

Even those with the world's best ideas feel fatigue sometimes. The founders of Mummodisko, Joni and Mikko, had grown weary of scrambling for resources before they joined the Phoenix non-profit incubator. Is there something that can still surprise them, after a year in the non-profit startup scene? 

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OP & Mummodisko

"My wish to Mummodisko: keep up the good work. My full intention is to keep discoing when I am old, too!"

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Sebi & Startup Refugees

"It is really important that the work I do is meaningful and in line with my values. My professional journey has mainly been about that so far."

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Jenni & Howtomo

"If these competent, amazing people feel anxious when expressing themselves and their ideas, we need to do something —­­ we need a school of badassery."

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Karrar & Startup Refugees

"Finding work is so essential when integrating into a new country. I feel that I want to do something for the country that has accepted me."

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