Karrar & Startup Refugees

"Finding work is so essential when integrating into a new country. I feel that I want to do something for the country that has accepted me."

Originally from Baghdad, Karrar Almukhtar used to work as a flute player in the National Orchestra of Iraq but had to leave it all behind. How did Startup Refugees help him to find work and get started in Finland?

“One of the employees of the organization came to our reception centre. They announced that if someone needs help with finding employment, they should contact the organization. I was really excited about the possibility and arranged an appointment straight away,” Karrar says.

“We talked about my previous work experience and prepared a CV for me. They asked me what my goals are in the future and what I’d like to learn. I told them that I’d like to open my own restaurant at some point and that I would be open for any kind of working opportunities. Startup Refugees made it really easy for me, everything was so organized.”

“Shortly after getting my work permission, I received a phone call from Fazer. They were looking for a dishwasher and wanted to hire me!” Karrar tells. “It only took two months from my initial contact with Startup Refugees until I started working for Fazer.”

While working at Fazer, Karrar keeps in tune with his musical side through studying music theory and playing the flute in his new hometown, Helsinki. To study at the Sibelius Academy is definitely a dream that can could come true, he says with a smile. 

Karrar has also started working as a volunteer for Startup Refugees, helping other people in a similar situation to find employment. 

“Finding work is so essential for integrating into a new country. I feel that I want to do something for the country that has accepted me. Volunteering for Startup Refugees is also a very pleasant thing to be involved with – we have a very happy team and everyone supports each other,” Karrar tells. 

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