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"My wish to Mummodisko: keep up the good work. My full intention is to keep discoing when I am old, too!"

Community coordinators from the OP Financial Group in Helsinki are a group of finance professionals who attend different events and meet clients of the bank face-to-face. They support Mummodisko by joining to dance with seniors during disco events. Community coordinators from OP Helsinki, Timo Solomon, Oona Yrtti and Mona Andelin, are here to tell us how dusty stereotypes of senior work are now off the table, thanks to Mummodisko. 

Collaboration with Mummodisko started when the corporate social responsibility person at OP approached the coordinators telling them that there is an opportunity to alleviate loneliness experienced by seniors - by disco dancing. 

"We believe in getting out there into the real world and meeting people. Mummodisko is a wonderful example of this: we go where our clients go. "

"From the first moment on you could see how much the disco goers really enjoyed the event. Dance and talk got people's eyes sparkling. We felt that supporting senior work through Mummodisko is so fun and so important that we just need to keep doing this together."

Two years ago, the OP corporation started a volunteering program. Each employee has a chance to use one day a year to volunteer for a good cause.

"The marvelous thing about OP Helsinki is that we are able to do community coordinator work with all our heart. We are fully supported to do this kind of a community thing. I am certain that this feeling translates to clients that we meet out in the field," coordinators share.

"This work is incredibly important to all of us. Also our colleagues who volunteer with us really care about the cause and are present a 100 percent - or rather, 110 percent during the events. Even though our workdays are busy, it's important that we are able to both take time and give time to important issues like this."

Positive feedback at the events and on social media has reaffirmed that coordinators are on the right track. 

Looking back, a one of the Mummodisko events stands out: The Disco of All Senses. 

The founding principle of Mummodisko is that seniors a diverse group of people, every single one with a lot of experience and years behind them. 

A lot of innovation and thought goes into planning Mummodisko activities, but the needs and wishes of disco goers come first. The disco of all senses takes into account the different physical limitations old age may bring. If you can't hear the music, professional audio equipment ensures that you can feel the beat in your body.

"At Mummodisko, you can see that the disco goers are appreciated all the way. Everyone has put in lots of effort to make the event a success."

"Our community coordinator Timo got the chance to dance with seven ladies. We danced our hearts out for three hours and sweated like crazy, old and young alike. Many came in with some kind of a walking aid but as soon as twist music started blaring canes were quickly left behind."

But even more important than dancing is the community feeling generated by Mummodisko. 

"People may come to Mummodisko alone but they experience wonderful encounters there. You may find a friend or an acquaintance. Connecting with other disco goers can be life altering, especially considering how lonely many people feel. Three hours of dancing may seem like a small step from one volunteer but it can save someone's week or, who knows, a whole year. When I think back to the Disco of All Senses it made me feel good for a long time."

"My wish to Mummodisko: keep up the good work. My full intention is to keep discoing when I'm old, too!"

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