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"It is really important that the work I do is meaningful and in line with my values. My professional journey has mainly been about that so far."

Futurice is a company that takes clients to the future with digital technology. How is sharing and open sourcing linked with IT business and consulting? Sebi Tauciuc answers.

”At the moment, I’m responsible for social impact strategy of Futurice. A few years ago we decided to invest some money in the form of our time into doing projects that we care about and that would make a difference. We started Chilicorn Fund and have now done over 20 projects in total,” Sebi tells.

Futurice is the company behind the online service that helps refugees make their own CV suitable for the European job market and matches them with potential employers, startups or other professional opportunities.

 ”When we first talked, that was about two years ago, they were already doing amazing work. But the tools they used were not very supportive for the work they did. They were incredible tools considering that they had been designed and developed in a weekend, but still they could have done more.

The stored data was inconvenient to use, so over the following two years we replaced that system with a software we designed and executed. Now the refugees can easily create their own CVs using the software and send them to employers, ” Sebi says.

The match tool has been well-received.

”We’re working now on the issue of how to provide access to the system in other countries as well. It is not easy, but we hope that we could do more and more of that,” Sebi tells and continues: ”Any tool we create to support our work that we see could be of use for others, we share as open source or creative commons. We see it as purely positive that we share everything we can. Creating knowledge is generally a good thing.”

What does work mean to you personally?

”It is really important that the work I do is meaningful and in line with my values. My professional journey has mainly been about that so far.

Ideally, work is a way to contribute. Of course, work is a way of creating value. The fact that you get paid is a sign that your work actually has value for someone. If work creates value for someone, it respects your values and you have fun at it at least sometimes, it hits the sweet spot.

My dream would be to create massive change that I know for sure is helping the environment and not damaging it. And to do that with people that are really nice and I enjoy working with,” Sebi ends.

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