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Phoenix.fi guides you to fun and meaningful volunteering opportunities. Here is how our network feel about volunteering via phoenix.fi. All of them have supported one of our members in stopping social inequality. Thank you folks! 🧡

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Auri Evokari trained Phoenix members into the secrets of pitching in her workshop full of enthusiasm

"Phoenix teams are world-changers, whose missions deserve a proper megafon to be heard. I was happy and impressed to train the teams about pitching, and to see, how they'll be able to promote their missions with the help of a polished pitch." Get to know Auri.

Jenni Turunen and Melanie Dower wrote stories of a newcomer's experiences for Startup Refugees

""The interview was an eye-opening experience. I really look up to people who have the resilience to learn a new language and complete studies even when in a demanding life situation. Our discussions about learning were interesting to me also from a professional perspective as a teacher. This project was very smooth and efficient – Startup Refugees took care of all the arrangements. The experience brought me a lot of joy, and gave me new thoughts on different life paths people have." / Jenni

"I’ve been thinking for a while now how I might support new arrivals in Finland and help them tell their stories, so when I saw Start Up Refugees was looking for someone to interview people they work with, I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer. I was soon introduced to a man in Oulu, who very kindly shared his story about moving to Finland with me. Not only did I learn more about his life experience, I had the chance to practice my interviewing and writing skills and most importantly, help Start Up Refugees gain recognition and support for the important work they do. " / Melanie

Service designer Anni Valkola challenged Phoenix non-profit incubees to think like their target group

Anni held a workshop that helped Phoenix non-profit incubees to realize how important it is to understand the thoughts and needs of different customer personas.

“It was rewarding to see that the workshop was useful for all teams, despite their different "maturity levels". The session showed how essential it is to stop and ask, what our customers really want, for whom we do this and why we do it."

Teemu and his colleagues from Vincit created and polished phoenix.fi 

Teemu Uotila is the CEO of Vincit in Helsinki. Teemu together with his service design and developer colleagues dived into a pro bono project with Phoenix.

"When one gets to participate into a project building something good in the society, it brings a special kind of joy and sense of meaningfulness to everyone involved. We often talk about these kind of projects at the office long after the are completed. This is also the case with Phoenix.fi."


Jenni held a Female shame – Fuck that! workshop for women network Howtomo

"The workshop was a powerful experience for me and the women present. One of them said how magical it felt to hear someone speak about all of these thoughts and emotions outloud."

After the Howtomo workshop Jenni Janakka realized what she is really good at: helping others to get over shame! 

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